VIP Club

How to become a VIP member?

To step into the VIP membership (i.e. become a VIP member), you must first register with There are two ways for you to become a VIP member:

  • Every time you purchase from, you earn BONUS POINTS. Each US dolor is worth 0.05 point(s). For example, if you place an order of total product amount $100, you earn 5 bonus points.
    Once your total bonus points earned reaches 1200 points, you automatically become a VIP member and are eligible to save money on every item you purchase from
  • The easiest and fastest way of becoming a VIP member of is purchase a VIP mebership. This is for those who want to enjoy benefits of the VIP membership immediately.

Once you become a VIP member, there is no VIP membership expiration date as long as you are a customer.

What are the benefits of VIP members?
  • VIP members save money on every itme posted in by purchasing at a REDUCED PRICE rather than at a regular price. Each product has a REDUCED PRICE highlighted in color exclusively for VIP members.
  • Since VIP members are loyal customers of, they receive exclusive customer services and care, which is a way of showing appreciation and respect from
  • VIP members receive EXCLUSIVE OFFERS for discount, sale and promotional items ahead of non-VIP members whenever such offers are available in
  • For the VIP members who show an outstanding record of total bonus points earned, give such VIP members credit money as an added bonus. So, always check out your account for such credit money provided by
    if you think that your total bonus points earned is high enough.
What is the price for purchasing a VIP membership?
  • Only $29.99.     This is a lifetime membership fee.
How to purchase a VIP membership?